I see the world through the lens of cultural artifacts.  The past, the present, and the future are connected; they share an important and relevant dialog in my artistic concept.  I believe there is an inherent power in objects that have been handled by humans and that these objects become more than the sum of their parts: they are products of human ingenuity.  As an artist my thoughts about humanity are reflected in objects that speak to the individual.

     I create forms and objects that are imbedded with a narrative reflective of human culture. I draw on themes from folklore and history as well as being influenced by my fascination with the archaeological. I add this into the composition of my art.

     Material defines its own processes, including forging, fabricating, riveting, weaving and carving. By using all these processes I access human history.  Additionally, the craft of the hand is fundamental in my work. It is important to me that even the very material has a voice.  I use elemental and basic components, such as stone, wood, or iron, in the sculpture I make.  Each of these materials has a history with mankind. It is the physical and metaphysical properties of elemental ingredients that I draw on when I create an object. Whether it is technological transformation of material or artistic alchemy, I want my art to be a lasting relic, a reflection, of the amazing complex culture that is the human record.

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